L'Ametlla de Mar

Miravet is built on the rocks above the river Ebro.

The Ebre Delta

Miravet is an ideal base from which to explore this beautiful region of southern Catalonia, enjoy the easy pace of life and discover rustic villagesalong the Ebro that revolve around the production of olive's, wine and oranges.Fishing, horse riding, canoeing and golf are also an option.

Miravet is built on the rocks above the river Ebro and is dominated by the remains of Miravet Castle which can be visited. The exact origin of the castle is unknown but it already existed in 1153 when it was donated to the Order of the Temple.The Knights Templar converted part of the fortified site into a castle-monastery following the romanic-cistertian style of building. Some decades later, the castle was became the seat of the Order of the Crown of Aragon with its archives and provincial treasure. From Miravet were planned the conquests of Mallorca and Valencia and from there left the best armies of the kingdom as is registered in various documents of the period. On the 13th of December 1307, James II ordered the detention of the Templars in his kingdom as was desired by Pope Climent V and Felip IV, king of France. For twelve months the Templars who took refuge in the castle suffered the longest siege the order had known. On the 12th December 1308 they gave in pacifically. Even after the fall of the Order of the Temple in 1317,Miravet Castle was still important, above all during the various wars that followed, especially that of 1640. The castle suffered severe damage during the wars, especially during the Battle of the Ebro in 1939.

To do/see
The best way to get to Miravet is crossing the Ebro by ferry. Visit the castle. Have a drink on the banks of the Ebro. Don’t miss a trip to the excellent artisan ceramic workshop with its wonderful range of ceramic gifts and where the potters can be seen making and decorating their wares.

17th January – Feast of Saint Anthony – blessing of animals and horse-drawn carriages, dinner and bonfire.
June – Cherry festival. Festivities include exhibition of new varieties of cherry, lunch consisting of giant paella with cherries for dessert, cherry stone throwing competitions, late evening dance.
1st weekend in August – Major festival in honour of Saint Dominic. Festivities include dances dances, various contests etc. , activities on the river, glass wine pitcher drinking contest, activities at the swimming pool, football etc.
12th October (approx.) – Festival in honour of The Virgin of Gràcia, patron saint of the town. Activities include processions, mass, flower offerings to the Virgin, concerts

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